About Us

We are a small publishing team based in the UK and specialise in high-quality historical books. We started out transcribing the entire “Labour and the Poor” series that appeared in The Morning Chronicle newspaper between 1849 and 1851, some 2 million words and 500 factual tables in all, and often from poor quality images. We plan to continue on in this vein selecting pieces that are of interest to us and haven’t been available in a high-quality format before, keeping as true to the original source material as possible.

Our paperback and hardback editions are POD (print on demand) and will be printed locally if you live in either the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia. They can be ordered via your local bookshop and from the usual online bookshops. If you live in the US or UK you may want to check out Bookshop.org who will pass on commissions to a local bookshop of your choice if they have registered as a seller with them. We are not affiliated with them and receive no commissions from them.

Our eBooks are currently Kindle only. Kindle reading software can be downloaded to most devices.