Cholera Deaths

During the 1848-49 cholera epidemic that swept across the country—and across the whole of Europe—The Morning Chronicle published weekly accounts of “the more remarkable fatal cases of cholera and diarrhœa” reported in London by the Registrar. The sex, age, relationship, type and length of illness, date of death and address of the victims were given along with various comments. They make grim reading indeed.

The Morning Chronicle, Wednesday, September 5, 1849.


The following are the more remarkable fatal cases of cholera and diarrhœa on which observations were made by the district registrars last week. The abbreviations used are:—M., for male; F., for female; S., for son; Da., for daughter; W., for wife; Wid., for widow; cho., for cholera. The epithets “Asiatic,” “malignant,” &c., though often used in the returns, are omitted in this list.

Kensington—St. John, Paddington: F. 2, da. of coach-maker, cho., 24 hours, 27 Aug., 72, Market-street. Small houses in this street, thickly inhabited. F. 73, unknown, diarrhœa, 14 days, 26 Aug., 21, Union-place. Small houses in this place, thickly inhabited. M. six months, son of gardener, diarrhœa, two weeks, exhaustion, 30 Aug., 10, Poplar-place. Small houses, thickly inhabited. St. Mary, Paddington: M. seven months, son of patent axletree-turner, diarrhœa, which terminated in head symptoms, with convulsions, 26 Aug., 1, Craven-place, Kensall-road. The drainage bad, and house situated near the canal. Fulham: M. 11 months, son of carter, diarrhœa, 3 weeks, 25 Aug., 3, Peterborough-row, Parson’s-green. House ill-ventilated and over-crowded. F. 5, da. of labourer, diarrhœa, 14 days, exhaustion, 25 Aug., 2, Willow-place. Cottages very dirty and ill-ventilated, the water not fit for domestic purposes. F. 74, wid. of coal-dealer, cho. 26 hours, 27 Aug., Bridge-street. One of a row of over-crowded houses. M. 50, watchman at market gardener’s, cho. 10 hours, 27 Aug., Broomhouse cottages. One of a row of gardeners’ cottages, very near the Thames; deceased was a remarkably fine man, but had been out of employment for some time. M. 46, labourer, cho. 20 hours, 31 Aug., 16, Star-lane. The whole of this neighbourhood is in a most filthy condition, no drainage, dwellings unhealthy. Typhus and small-pox are often prevalent here. The informant states that the water that is used here is so bad that it is often discoloured, and that the well is in the immediate vicinity of several cesspools. St. Paul’s, Hammersmith: The four following cases occurred in Margaret’s-row, Brook-green: F. 12, da. of labourer, cho. 8 hours, 27 Aug., No. 7. M. 4, son of bleacher, cho. 15 hours, 28 Aug., No. 8. M. 49, gardener, cho. 36 hours, 28 Aug., No. 7. F. 44, w. of labourer, cho. 24 hours, 28 Aug. No. 7. In reference to the cases at Margaret’s-row, Brook-green, Mr. Roy, the registrar, states that “I was, conjointly with another practitioner, in attendance upon them all, and they were characterised by their extreme severity, and from the very commencement of the attack not allowing of a ray of hope as to their recovery, reminding me forcibly of the form of cholera which I have formerly witnessed in India.” This Margaret’s-row consists of some ten or twelve cottages, situated at the west end of Brook-green, open in front to the common, and having neat gardens behind; they are small and crowded, but the inhabitants are comfortable for their position in life. The owner of them lived amongst them in a large and commodious house; his death from cholera was reported last week, after about fifteen hours’ illness; at that time no apparent cause could be given. The first case occurred on Monday last, at No. 7, a gardener, but he had been labouring previously under diarrhœa, but collapse had set in before he was visited, although it was almost immediately. About 3 p.m., a girl about 12 years; here collapse had likewise shown itself at the very commencement, and at about eleven p.m. the mother, who had been in attendance upon these two cases, was likewise attacked, and became immediately collapsed. But perhaps the cases at No. 8, which occurred next morning, were still more rapid—father and child. The former worked at a bleaching factory close by, left his house about six a.m. in good health, had slept well, neither had been sick or purged, nor any other premonitory symptoms, and in about an hour is seized with all the most malignant symptoms, and at once shows the case as hopeless. The child at home is seized much about the same time, and dies almost as rapidly. A minute investigation into the probable cause of all this brings to light, that within eighty yards of these cottages there is a most foul, filthy, and offensive ditch, containing a large quantity of black putrid matter. It is under the jurisdiction of the Commissioners of Sewers, and they have recently attempted to clean it out, but apparently without any good effect. It is worthy of observation that the direction of the wind on Sunday and Monday was directly over this ditch towards these houses. Complaints have been made as to the water, but although I have examined and tasted it, I do not perceive anything particular; it is without smell, and certainly not pleasant; but none of the occupants of the other houses, although they all use it, have been attacked. There is now one case at No. 7, but I think the woman will recover. F. 65, wid., a nurse, cho. 22 hours, 28 Aug., 22, Chapel-street. An habitual drunkard; had been in attendance on a man and his wife, who died of cholera a few days previously, but was intoxicated throughout, so much so as to be at last turned out of the house. Hammersmith, St. Peter: F. 19, laundress, cho. 12 hours, consecutive fever 3 days, 16 Aug., 12, Trafalgar-street. The street in which these deaths occurred is almost without drainage, the water during three-fourths of the year lying 2 or 3 inches deep in the roadway. The houses are inhabited by very poor people, and are dirty, ill ventilated, and badly drained. This is one of the worst localities in this district. F. 63, laundress, diarrhœa 2 months, cho. spasmodica, 5 days, 19 Aug., 12, Trafalgar-street. F. 2, da. of laundress, diarrhœa and exhaustion 4 days, 19 Aug., 12, Trafalgar-street. F. 2, da. of domestic servant, diarrhœa and exhaustion 4 days, 19 Aug., 12, Trafalgar-street. Kensington Town: M. 28, labourer, cho. 36 hours, 25 Aug., 5, Pembroke-place. Over-crowded—four persons living and sleeping in the kitchen the man died in. F. 29, wid. of labourer, consecutive fever, 4 days, cho. 48 hours, 1 Sept., 5, Pembroke-place: widow of the man above. F. 8, da. of waterman, cho. 12 hours, 24 Aug., Potteries. In every respect unfavourable to health. F. 13, da. of a pig-dealer, cho. 19 hours, 26 Aug., Potteries. M. 46, labourer, cho. 20 hours, 31 Aug., Potteries. M. 70, publican, diarrhœa, 12 days, cho. 13 hours, 27 Aug., Potteries. Refused medical aid during the attack of diarrhœa. F. 74, w. of brickmaker, cho. 48 hours, 25 Aug., Potteries. F. 53, wid. of soldier, cho. 36 hours, 31 Aug., 3, Trafalgar-place. This woman was engaged as nurse to a person who died of cholera on the 25th Aug. It is stated she took home the clothes of deceased and washed them, and died on the 31st Aug. Brompton: F. 75, wid. of labourer, cho. 30 hours, 29 Aug., 9, New-court, New-street. New-court is occupied by the lower orders, and much crowded. The informant stated that a privy, common to four of the houses, and opposite to No. 9, was in an offensive state. The deceased’s stated residence was in Little Ebury-street, Ebury-square; she was removed, at an early stage of the attack, to her son’s abode, in New-court. M. 38, master organ builder, premonitory diarrhœa 4 hours, cho. 10 hours, 31 Aug., Grove-house. The following 5 cases occurred in St. George’s Workhouse. F. 50, spinster (servant), cho. no previous diarrhœa, 26 Aug. F. 52, widow, choleroid diarrhœa, 12 days, fever, 8 days, 24 Aug. F. 46, unknown, diseased brain, diarrhœa, cho. 18 hours, 26 Aug. F. 17, servant, diarrhœa, cho. 24 hours, 27 Aug. M. 26, labourer, cho. convulsions, 29 Aug. North-east: M. 33, helper in stable, cho. 7 hours, 24 Aug., 7, Charles-mews. An unpleasant smell, as though from the drains, pervading the house for some days, but no defect found which would account for it, although the house was visited by the officers of the Board of Health. In clearing the house, or room, after the deaths, some putrid meat was found in such a state of decomposition that none of the stablemen would remove it, and a shilling was given to some man to take it away. M. 2, son of above, cho. 2 days, 24 Aug., 7, Charles-mews.

St. George, Hanover-square.—Hanover-square: F. 5 weeks, da. of master butcher, diarrhœa, 2 days, 26 Aug., 8, Thomas-street. The mother of this child died on the 23d of August, of cholera, at 6, Gilbert-street, from which house the child was brought, being affected with diarrhœa. F. 45, w. of stableman, typhus, 7 days, following cho. 24 hours, 27 Aug., 26, Robert-street. Premonitory diarrhœa present; her husband has since been affected with cholera: said to have been poor and out of employment.—Belgrave: F. 43, w. of bootmaker, cho. 17 hours, 27 Aug., 2, Eccleston-street East. This person nursed an elderly lady who died of cholera in this district on the 26th July last, and she complained of not having felt well since. M. 35, carpenter, cho. 27 hours, 30 Aug., 8, Buckingham-place. This man was at work on a lead flat, at a house in Regent-street, near Oxford-street, and feeling upset from the smell of a cowyard close by, said he should ask to go into the shop to work; he however went home, was taken ill in the afternoon with cholera, and died the next day.

Westminster.—St. John: M. 47, general dealer, cho., 12 hours, no premonitory diarrhœa, 31 Aug., 15, Lower Garden-street. F. 7 months, da. of miller, choleraic diarrhœa, 4 days, 28 Aug., James’s-court, St. Ann-street. This court consists of 4 houses, the situation of which is very low; they are ill-ventilated and exceedingly dirty, being inhabited by abandoned females and travellers of the lowest degree. M. 2, son of carpenter, cho. 12 hours, 27 Aug., 9, Douglas-street. The mother stated that this child had diarrhœa for nearly a month, but did not apply for relief, considering it to be caused by its teeth; and I may add that this case is one of many which have fallen under my notice, when cholera has been induced in young children by neglecting the premonitory diarrhœa for a long period before the more urgent symptoms appear, believing it to be beneficial for the child during the period of dentition. M. 27, labourer, cho. 24 hours, 28 Aug., 15, Douglas-street. Of the 14 deaths which occurred in Douglas-street, 11 took place on the south, or lower side. The houses consist either of three or four rooms, but are situated so low that for the most part there is a descent of one or two steps from the foot pavement to the entrance passage. The drainage is extremely defective, and several of the occupants complain of the nuisance from the laundresses throwing their dirty soapsuds into the street, leaving continually black stagnant puddles along the gutter in front of these very houses even in the dryest weather. M. 58, tailor, cho. 13 hours, 30 Aug., 13, Douglas-street. F. 33, w. of brewer’s servant, cho. 18 hours, 29 Aug., 16, Douglas-street. M. 37, waterman, cho. 7 hours, 28 Aug., 7, Douglas-street. F. 2, da. of labourer, diarrhœa 3 days, cho. 2 days, 1 Sept., 12, Douglas-street. M. 9, son of plumber, cho. 14 hours, 29 Aug., 5, Emery’s cottages, Douglas-street. Emery’s cottages are on the north side of Douglas-street. They consist chiefly of rooms on the ground floor, badly drained and ventilated. The privies are situated immediately in front of each, while in those where the two deaths occurred I found the doors, which were swinging to and fro, closely approximating the entrance of the dwellings. The odour was then very offensive, and one of the informants expressed herself in strong terms, saying, she was frequently obliged to burn rags of a night to correct the stench. Two other cases have occurred in this house, who are convalescent, and the occupier complains bitterly of the nuisances arising from the defective drainage. F. 27, w. of labourer, cho. 48 hours, 23 Aug., 1, Gulston’s cottages. The cottage in which these five deaths took place are not only confined and ill cleansed, but are situated extremely low, being two or three feet below the paving of the street by which the court is entered, and all the informants complain of the annoyance they receive from occasional large collections of dung in a yard occupied by Mr. Harper, upon which offal, bad fish, and vegetables are thrown by the neighbouring costermongers, and allowed to putrify, while from my own knowledge this place has frequently been the scene of typhus and small-pox. F. 9, da. of labourer, 17 hours, 27 Aug., 3, Gulston’s cottages. M. 6, son of labourer, cho. 20 hours, 28 Aug., 3, Gulston’s cottages. F. 6, da. of labourer, cho. 14 hours, 27 Aug., 5, Gulston’s cottages. M. 4, son of labourer, cho. 3 days, 30 Aug., 5, Gulston’s cottages. M. 2, son of labourer, cho. 26 hours, 28 Aug., 1, Causton cottage. This cottage leads from Gulston’s cottages, therefore participates in the same nuisances, but its situation and cleanliness is a little improved. M. 7, son of stonemason, cho. 8 hours, 27 Aug., 14, Dorset-street. This house, in which one man has lost all his family, viz., his wife and two children, and another one child, consists of six rooms, not by any means in a confined situation. It appears cleanly and well supplied with water; but the occupier says there are two gratings in the yard, from which stench arises, and the drain which carries off the soil from the privy in the yard runs under the house, but is defective. M. 8, son of stonemason, cho., 24 hours, 27 Aug., 14, Dorset-street.

Westminster—St. Margaret: The following seven cases occurred in Westminster Hospital:—M. 25, sweep, cho. 12 hours, 27 Aug., from 10, Still-alley, Bishopsgate-without. F. 12, da. of soldier, cho. 12 hours, 29 Aug., from Regent-street, St. John’s. F. 25, w. of chairmaker, cho. 16 hours, 24 Aug., from 24, Old Pye-street. F. 21, single woman, cho. 10 hours, 30 Aug., from 11, Green-street, Kennington-road. M. 69, servant, diarrhœa, 24 Aug., from Clapton. F. 42, w. of labourer, cho. 3 days, 1 Sept., from 1, St. Ann-street. M. 42, labourer, cho. 3 days, 31 Aug., from 15, Short’s-gardens. M. 38, labourer, cho. 3 days, 26 Aug. from 18, Gardener’s-lane, King-street. Offensive stench from water, closet in the cellar of the house. The following 10 cases occurred at the Sick-house, York-street: M. 60, out-pensioner Chelsea College, diarrhœa, 7days, cho. 35 hours, 25 Aug. F. 23, w. of labourer, cho. 12 hours, 28 Aug., from 33, Lewisham-street. Close paved thoroughfare with crowded dwellings. F. 35, w. of house painter, cho. 4 hours, 27 Aug. M. 9, son of labourer, cho. 4 hours, 27 Aug. These 2 cases are one family, and were inmates of the dwelling house No. 38, Castle-lane. F. 16, single woman, cho. 12 hours, 27 Aug. M. 50, navigator, cho. 12 hours, 27 Aug. F. 20, single woman, cho. 3 days, 30 Aug. M. 58, hawker, cho. 36 hours, 31 Aug. M. 40, waiter, cho. 18 hours, 31 Aug. F. 39, assistant to licensed victualler, cho. 16 hours, Hungerford Arms, Villiers-street. House good, but close to the river, where there are mud banks and vegetation on them. F. 31, w. of mariner, diarrhœa, 3 months, cho. 43 hours, 67, Strand. House good, apartments crowded. F. 31, w. of footman, diarrhœa, caused by a large dose (1 oz.) sulphate of magnesia, which acted 15 hours before treatment began, 28 hours under treatment—Middle Scotland-yard. The two following cases occurred in Charing-cross Hospital:—F. 49, needlewoman, cho. 17½ hours; M. 47, carpenter, cho. 18 hours. The two following cases occurred in St. Martin’s workhouse:—M. 38, a casual pauper from the street, cho. 9½ hours; F. 27, servant, cho. 18 hours.

St. James, Westminster.—Berwick-street: F. 55, w. of gunsmith, cho. 24 hours, 26 Aug., Rupert-street. Of very intemperate habits; lived in what is called a gallery, over workshops and other outhouses unfavourable to health. One large cesspool in the yard without drainage, with two privies for the use of all the inmates. The landlord assured me that a communication with the sewer in the street should be made next week. Golden-square: F. 8, da. of shoemakers cho. 24 hours, fever 3 days, 25 Aug., 4, South-row, Golden-square. I have visited these premises, and the offensive privy which I reported on the 14 Aug. has been attended to and no longer exists. F. 53, wid. of porter, cho. 14 hours, suffering many years from diarrhœa, 31 Aug., 33, Little Windmill-street. Informant and medical attendant say the stench from the cesspool, drain, and dust-hole is most offensive, and was a powerful incentive to this death. St. James’s-square: F. 5, da. of labourer, cho. 24 hours, fever 5 days, 9, Smith’s-court, Great Windmill-street. Bad locality. I have, by visiting the house, ascertained that neither in this nor the adjoining one is there any privy or closet, and that the inmates throw the excrement into the street. F. 4, da. of labourer, cho., 6, Angel-court, King-street. Bad locality. “The houses in Angel-court, and particularly where deceased’s family live, are very filthy, the rooms small and over-peopled, and the walls and floors saturated with dirt and nastiness.”

Marylebone—All Souls: F. 42, w. of turner, cho. 30 hours, 28 Aug., 22, Union-street. A densely populated, dirty, and unhealthy street, occupied exclusively by the poorer classes. Intemperance and uncleanliness prevail. F. 57, w. of milkman, cho. 6 days, 30 Aug., 1, Saville-street. I consider this an unhealthy street, it being badly drained, dirty and densely populated. The following 6 cases occurred in the Middlesex Hospital:—M. 5, son of cabinet maker, cho. 7 hours, 29 Aug., Gresse-street, Rathbone-place. This lad’s father died from cholera on 30 Aug. (the next case). This is the second death in the week from cholera in Gresse-street, which is thickly populated by the poorer classes; rather confined and dirty. This was considered at the hospital as an exceedingly bad case. M. 27, plasterer, cho. 36 hours, 29 Aug., 26, Endell-street, St. Giles’s. Too thickly populated, and the habits of its inhabitants too dirty to be healthy. M. 25, servant, cho. 13 hours, 28 Aug., Edward-street, Regent’s-park. M. 40, cabinet maker, cho. 12 hours, 30 Aug., Gresse-street, Rathbone-place. Thickly populated by the poorer classes; rather confined and dirty. M. 60, is hawker of tea, coffee, &c., for some years, not being strong enough for manual labour, cho. 18 hours, 30 Aug., 4, Eden-street, Regent-street. M. 7, son of soldier, cho. 6 hours, 30 Aug., Edward-street, Regent’s-park. On the 29th Aug. this lad visited an elder brother, “a convalescent cholera patient” in Middlesex Hospital. This is the third case of cholera (during this week) brought to the hospital from Edward-street, Regent’s-park. St. Mary: F. 44, w. of street fruit seller, cho. 16 hours, 27 Aug., 5, Edward’s-place. Closely-built range of buildings, the inhabitants of which are not particular as to cleanliness. F. 63, wid. of labourer, cho. 8 days, 28 Aug., 8, Tooting-court. This court is extremely filthy, very narrow, and over-crowded. Christchurch: M. 24, milkman, cho. 36 hours, 30 Aug., 84, Boston-place, Open. St.John: F. 5, da. of labourer, cho. 8 hours, 25 Aug., 17, Townshend cottages. The privy was full to overflowing for more than a week previous to its being emptied, on which day the child was taken ill. M. 1, son of labourer diarrhœa, 3 weeks, 26 Aug., 23, Upper Carlisle-street. Small houses, thickly inhabited. M. 88, formerly a colonel in the army, cho. 12 hours, 27 Aug., Avenue-road. State of street good. F. 41, w. of hawker, diarrhœa, 29 Aug., 23, Nightingale-street. Thickly inhabited, principally by the poorer class of Irish; small houses. M. 66, formerly a milkman, cho. 30 hours, 31 Aug., 70, High-street. At the house of a marine store dealer, rags, bones, &c.

Pancras—Tottenham-court: M. 2, son of a policeman, fever 4 days, cho. 2 days, 26 Aug., 81, Charlotte-street. The water closet in the house has been for a long time out of repair, causing much effluvia. M. 49, coffee-house-keeper, cho. 10 hours, 27 Aug., 21, Tottenham-court-road. Drainage very bad, a slaughter-house adjoining, and a tallow-melter’s in the rear. F. 45, w. of labourer, cho. 12 hours, 29 Aug., 8, Gresse-street. This house was over crowded, the drains very bad; three other persons from same place have died during the week at Middlesex Hospital. The landlord does not reside there, but lets out each room to weekly tenant. F. 88, wid. of sawyer, diarrhœa 6 weeks, 25 Aug., 6, Lower Gower-place. F. 47, wid. of weaver, cho. 10 hours, 29 Aug., 4, Gresse-street. Very crowded.

Hampstead—Hampstead: F. 46, w. of labourer, cho. 16 hours, 27 Aug., Flask-walk. Had been attending a youth who was attacked with cholera some days since, and recovered. F. 48, w. of wheelwright, cho., 22 Aug., Church-lane. Had been attending a family attacked by cholera.—Gray’s Inn-lane: F. 29, w. of licensed victualler, cho. 15½ hours, 24 Aug., 83, Guildford-street. The street is one of the cleanest in my district. Another person has also been attacked with the malady. F. 19, w. of engineer, cho. 18 hours, 27 Aug., 17, Wood-street. The street in which this death occurred is very dirty and crowded, and occasionally the stench from the drains is almost intolerable. F. 41, w. of milkman, cho., secondary fever 3 weeks, 30 Aug., 24, Chichester-place. The drainage of this place is the best in my district, and I might venture to say, in the parish of St. Pancras. F. 54, wid. of servant, cho. 32 hours, collapse 24 hours, 31 Aug., 9, Colonnade. The house is neither overcrowded nor badly drained, but the informant stated that deceased was very much afraid of the epidemic. A person died next door to it a week ago. M. 2, son, a grocer, diarrhœa, 3 days, 29 Aug., 49, Britannia-street. This is an exceedingly dirty street, very much crowded, and I have every reason to believe badly drained. M. 42, chimney sweep, diarrhœa 2 days, cho. 6 hours, 31 Aug., 21, Sidmouth-mews. The informant stated that deceased was very clean in his person, and that there was nothing to complain of either as regards the house or drains. Somers-town: M. 35, egg-merchant, cho. 24 hours, 27 Aug., 47, Hampden-street. Healthy in all respects. F. 68, wid. of tailor, cho. 24 hours, 28 Aug., 47, Hampden-street. The deceased was mother to the above, and was in attendance on him until death. F. 58, wid. of pawnbroker, cho. 7 days, 25 Aug., 21, Johnson-street. Drainage, &c., good; at the back part of Johnson-street there is a street called Werrington-street, where there are several vaults, which I consider very injurious to health, as all manner of filth is constantly thrown in them, and putrid fish, &c.; the ground on which the vaults stand is to be let for building, and persons of loose and disorderly habits congregate therein night and day. F. 64, w. of market gardener, cho. 7 days, 30 Aug., 23, Melton-street. Drainage, &c. good. Deceased, who was from the country, came up to attend a sister at the same house, who died of the same disease, after 3 days’ illness, on the 20th Aug., and kissed her sister just before the funeral. She was in perfect health when she came to London. Regent’s-park: M. 1, son of a shoemaker, cho. 40 hours, 23 Aug., 23, Robert-mews, Hampstead-road. Densely crowded. M. 2, son of labourer, cho. 7½ hours, 28 Aug., 23, Robert-mews, Hampstead-road. As above. F. 5, da. of painter, cho. 31 hours, 27 Aug., 77, Mary-street, Hampstead-road. No complaint as to drainage. M. 7, son of painter, cho. 27 Aug., 25 hours, 77, Mary-street, Hampstead-road. As above. F. 34, w. of painter, cho. 12 hours, 28 Aug., 77, Mary-street, Hampstead-road. As above. This and the two preceding cases belong to one family.

Islington—East: F. 51, w. of independent person, debility 2 weeks, diarrhœa 12 hours, exhaustion 2½ days, 23 Aug., Regent House, New North-road. Pigs are kept up a yard in the neighbourhood of this house. M. 1, son of a tobacconist, cho. 10 hours, 27 Aug., 1, Fort-street, Highbury-vale. This child came from Lambeth, supposed with cholera, but on viewing the premises I find 4 houses with but 2 privies, the latter communicating but very incompletely with a black open ditch or sewer running across the bottom of the garden. The smell very offensive. F. 38, w. of labourer, cho. 24 hours, 27 Aug., 45, Windsor-street. Along the back of this street runs a ditch or drain partially filled up; the privies of some of the houses are warm from the coppers in the wash-houses being set next to them; this draws in the smell, which is very offensive at times. F. 57, spinster, independent, cho. 13 hours, 27 Aug., 6, Lower-terrace. A lane running up the end of this terrace, is closely inhabited, badly drained, and often unhealthy—Fletcher’s-place, and Duddy’s-rents. F. 2, da. of labourer, cho., 26 hours, congestion of the brain, 31 Aug., 12, Arundel-terrace, Ball’s-pond. Since the 14th Aug. I have registered from this man’s family and that of his brother—M. 3, pneu., M. 9, cho., F. 5 months, diarrhœa, M. 32, cho., M. 8 months, cho., M. 2, diarrhœa, and two more of the family have died out of my district. M. 17, labourer, cho. 10 hours, 31 Aug., the Cottage, Brand-street, Holloway. A brother, attacked previously, has recovered under the unremitting attention of his surgeon. From the construction of this house, the informant states that proper ventilation is at present unattainable. F. 14, da. of sawyer, cho. 15 hours, 31 Aug., 10, Rutland-place or terrace, Hornsey-road. The informant complains of the filthy state of this house, and of the offensive smell from a drain at No. 1.

Hackney—Stamford-hill: M. 1, son of labourer, diarrhœa three weeks, 27 Aug., 3, Conduit-place, Wood-street, Upper Clapton. Conduit-place is a close ill-cleansed court running out of Wood-street, which street is not well cleansed. F. 74, w. of harness maker, cho. 36 hours, Aug. 30, Stamford-hill. The house in which the death occurred is situated at the rise of the hill, opposite Abney Cemetery; it has a black uncovered ditch running at the back, and emptying itself into Hackney brook. South Hackney: M. 43, journeyman bricklayer, sudden death from cho., 13 Aug., Tryen’s-court. Inquest. The house in which this death occurred is situated in a close court, having no back door, nor windows for ventilation. Stoke Newington: F. 64, w. of brickmaker, cho. fever, 7 days, 13, Cock and Castle-lane. Close and over crowded, and altogether unfavourable to health. F. 3 months, da. of labourer, diarrhœa, 2 weeks, Rigby’s buildings, Church-street. Close and overcrowded, 4 and 5 persons sleeping in one small room.

St. Giles.—St. Giles, South: M. 7, son of master locksmith, diarrhœa, 8 days, 25 Aug., 17, Endell-street. House close, ill cleansed. M. 1, son of labourer, cho. fever, 6 days, 24 Aug., 2, Little White Lion-street. Street ill cleansed. M. 3, son of labourer, cho. 4 days, 25 Aug., 2, Little White Lion-street. F. 38, w. of journeyman cutler, diarrhœa, 14 days, 23 Aug., 23, Little Wild-street. F. 55, w. of journeyman smith, cho. 15 hours, 22 Aug., 15, Endell-street. House close, ill cleansed. F. 48, w. of journeyman bricklayer, diarrhœa, 14 days, 28 Aug., 35, King-street, Drury-lane. Ill cleansed. F. 37, w. of journeyman cooper, cho. 65 hours, 26 Aug., 17, Endell-street. M. 2, son of labourer, cho. 3 days, 28 Aug., 51, Parker-street. F. 1, da. of journeyman carpenter, 7 days, 26 Aug., 15, King-street, Drury-lane. M. 5, son of journeyman carpenter, cho. 4 days, 28 Aug., 15, King-street, Drury-lane. F. 1, da. of journeyman carpenter, cho. 6 days, 29 Aug., 15, King-street, Drury-lane. House ill cleansed. F. 40, w. of labourer, cho. 36 hours, 29 Aug., 8, Queen-street, Seven Dials. Street ill cleansed; house close. M. 6 months, son of journeyman bricklayer, diarrhœa, 8 days, 31 Aug., 20, Queen-street, Seven Dials. Street ill cleansed. 13 cases also occurred in the workhouse. St. Giles, North: F. 63, w. of sawyer, decay of nature, diarrhœa, 3 days, 22, Tower-street. House close and overcrowded, with an offensive smell from the drains, being at a cats’ meat shop. M. 2, son of labourer, diarrhœa, 3, New-street. There are only 3 or 4 houses, which are overcrowded with poor Irish families, several of whom have been attacked with cholera and diarrhœa. The street being closed at one end by Meux’s brewery, prevents a free circulation of air. Mr. Simpson, the registrar, remarks that “the deaths in his district have increased from 9 last week to 17 this, ending Saturday, Sept. 1, of which 11 were from cholera and diarrhœa. Although the number of deaths from all causes is more than three times the number in the corresponding week of last year, yet the epidemic in Church-lane, St. Giles’s, is on the decline; and it is quite certain that it arises from the sanitary efforts which have been employed in cleansing and whitewashing, and the feeding of the poor Irish families who inhabit these miserable lodging houses. In Tower-street, several fatal cases of cholera have occurred. The houses are densely populated and badly ventilated, and the inhabitants complain bitterly of a sewer which receives the blood and offal from a butcher’s shop in the street, as also the refuse from a tripe shop at the corner of Lumber-court. It is constantly emitting the most poisonous exhalations to the whole neighbourhood. At 35, Great St. Andrew-street, the wife of a fishmonger’s porter died from cholera; the following day a child 2 years old expired, and the nurse who attended on the wife is since dead. The husband was also attacked with cholera, and has been removed to the workhouse. The room the family occupied was always close, with a strong effluvia of stale fish, arising, no doubt, from the drying of sole skins. The houses are densely populated, and the locality is not one of the most healthy, as it adjoins Dudley-street and Seven Dials.” St. George, Bloomsbury: M. 30, coachman, diarrhœa, 5 days, cho. 18 hours, 28 Aug., 17, Brunswick-mews. This mews is without a current of air passing through it, and generally dirty, and much vegetable and other decayed matter lying about. M. 78, shoemaker, cho. 24 hours, collapse, 19 hours, 44, Kenton-street. The place or tenement in which the deceased resided is through a passage and behind the front house, like many others on the Foundling estate, and similar to one in Marchmont-street, where a case of cholera lately occurred.

Strand.—St. Clement Danes: F. 2, da. of compositor, diarrhœa, 3 days, 25 Aug., 9, Crown-court. Crowded, close court, extending from the Strand to Little Shire-lane, which is a filthy and low quarter. F. 56, w. of porter, cho. 3 days, 29th Aug., 14, Serle-street. House and street in every respect healthy. The kitchen in which deceased slept damp and underground, and (as the doctor’s certificate states) “needs cleaning out.” F. 37, w. of glass-cutter, cho., 17 hours, 30th Aug., 10, Milford-lane. The filthy house and district reported on last week. There is a privy on the first floor, and the stench is intolerable. M. 21, labourer, cho. 3 days, 30th Aug., 6, Cromwell-place. A low, dirty, crowded court, opening into Little Shire-lane, and terminating in a “cul de sac.” Drainage bad and offensive—St. Anne, Soho: F. 34, w. of journeyman bookbinder, cho. 8 hours, 27th Aug., 5, Falconberg court, in a cellar. House close, ill cleansed, over crowded, Irish lodging house. F. 34, w. of journeyman bootmaker, cho. 26 hours, 28th Aug., 20, Lichfield-street. Open street. A female died in same house of cholera on Aug. 19. M. 1, son of a porter, chronic diarrhœa, 26th Aug., 10, Meard’s-court. This court is densely populated. M. 8, son of journeyman tailor, cho. 18 hours, 1 Sept., 8, Princes’-row. House all let out to lodgers, and close to a slaughter house.

Holborn Union.—M. 2, son of journeyman cabinet maker, diarrhœa 1 week, cho. 17 hours, 27 Aug., 1, Eagle-court, Eagle-street. A very close court, without a thoroughfare, consisting of three houses—the drainage is very bad. F. 50, wid. of shoemaker, cho. 18 hours, 31 Aug., 20, Union-court, Saffron-hill. I am informed the stench from the privy of the house is sometimes very offensive.

Clerkenwell.—Pentonville: M. 64, carpenter, diarrhœa 9 days, congestion of brain 4 days, 46, Penton-place. One of the most open and airy streets in the parish. F. 70, wid. of general dealer, cho. 30 hours, 28 Aug., 6, Spencer-place. Her general habits were cleanly; but she was lying on a bed, the head of which was against a wall saturated with moisture from an adjoining privy, or water-closet. I was informed that this had been the case for a long time, and although complaints had been made to the landlord, nothing had been done to remedy the nuisance, the stench from which was at times intolerable. St. James: F. 66, wid. of baker, exhaustion, 2 weeks, coma, 2 days, cho. 26 Aug., 26, King-street. Was attacked at Holloway, and brought to King-street, where she died. F. 23, servant, cho. 14 hours, 27 Aug., 1, Hooper-street. Was servant to Mr. Osborne, Ludgate-hill, where she was attacked about three o’clock in the morning, and brought to Hooper-street, where she had been the day before apparently in good health. She had attended some of the family in cholera. Four of the domestics were attacked—two have died. F. 48, w. of broker, cho. 19 hours, 25 Aug., 29, Clerkenwell-green. Premonitory diarrhœa not traceable here. F. 65, w. of tallow chandler, a pauper, diarrhœa, 3 days, cho. 18 hours, 28 Aug., 1, Great Sutton-street. House close, and ill cleansed; also the street in this part very narrow. M. 36, journeyman jeweller, diarrhœa, 3 days, cho. 14 hours, 29 Aug., 20, Queen-street. Five hours elapsed before he had medical assistance after he was attacked.

St. Luke.—F. 2, da. of journeyman dial painter, cho. 14 hours, 25 Aug., 7, Waterloo-street, house over-crowded, and requires cleansing. M. 23, journeyman baker, cho. 8 hours, 26 Aug., 6, Radnor-street. Previous good health, had been working near Shoreditch Church, in the immediate neighbourhood of which cholera is raging. F. 24, w. of shopman, cho., 23 Aug., 73, Old-street. Suffering from consumption several months; diarrhœa, unattended several days. M. 4, son of a journeyman glass blower, cho., 9 hours, 26 Aug., 13, Pink’s-row. The old Fleet ditch (covered) runs at back of house, the smell arising therefrom being very offensive. M. 49, law clerk, cho. 12 hours, 26 Aug., 5, Wellesley-street. Suddenly apprised of the death of a friend from cholera. F. 86, wid., diarrhœa and general decay, 26 Aug., inmate of French Hospital. F. 27, spinster, artificial flower maker, cho. 36 hours, 26 Aug., 2, Little Mitchell-street. House confined and badly ventilated. F. 61, wife of journeyman printer, cho. 48 hours, 29 Aug., 10, Mitchell-street. No sewer in this street; diarrhœa, unattended for several days. M. 6, son of brewer’s servant, diarrhœa, 28th Aug., 2, Little Galway-street. No sewer in this street; close to the burial ground. M. 58, coal heaver, cho. 29 hours, 29th Aug., 2, Nelson-passage. Confined and dirty houses in a narrow court.

East London—St. Botolph: F. 65, wid. of watchman, diarrhœa 3 hours, cho. 22 hours, 25th Aug., Half-Moon-street, Bishopsgate. The deceased had been very much intoxicated previous to the attack, and was found destitute of bedding and clothing. The house is ill cleansed and unfavourable to health. M. 4, son of journeyman silk weaver, diarrhœa 3 days, cho. 1 day, 24th Aug., 37, Half-Moon-street, Bishopsgate. The house is very old, crowded, and unfavourable to health. Four deaths from cholera took place in this street last week; three at No. 38, one at No. 35. F. 52, w. of milkman, diarrhœa 10 hours, cho. 11 hours, 25th Aug., 81, Sun-street, Bishopsgate. She had been attending on her son, who came home ill from his master’s (Foundry-street, Bethnal-green), who was then dangerously ill from cholera; the son, in consequence of the mother being attacked, was sent to Bartholomew’s Hospital. House drained and cleansed. M. 74, labourer, cho. 9 hours, 26 Aug., 5, Seven Step-alley, Aldgate. The house is close and unfavourable to health, the room in which the deceased died is about 8 feet by 6, with 6 or 8 persons (adults) living together; the wife was sent to Bartholomew’s Hospital and died there, a son also was sent to the same hospital during the week, and is likely to recover; last week a grandchild died of cholera in the same room. M. 11, son of lighterman (deceased), cho. 9 hours, 27 Aug., 7, Little Somerset-street, Aldgate. The house is cleansed and drained. The mother of the deceased died of cholera last week at the same house; an inquest was held on the body on the 29th. F. 41, w. of fish-dryer, diarrhœa, 5 days, cho. 16 hours, 28 Aug., 13, Baker’s-buildings, Bishopsgate. The house not overcrowded; there is an open cesspool used for the two houses, at times very offensive. M. 6, son of charwoman, diarrhœa, cho. 17 hours, 29 Aug., 16, Seven Step-alley, Gravel-lane, Aldgate. Close, ill cleansed, and unfavourable to health; a locality in which there have been so many deaths from cholera, within the last month, that nothing but a re-modelling or rebuilding of the houses on this spot can possibly remove the baneful effects of disease to which the crowded and dirty habits of its inhabitants render them a prey.

London, City—North East: F. 49, w. of master oilman, diarrhœa, 3 days, cho. 4 days, 25th Aug., 102, Bishopsgate-street within. M. 39, labourer, cho. 4 days, 23d Aug., 1, Pea Hen-court, Bishopsgate within. Pea Hen-court, as I noticed last week, is understood by those residing in the immediate neighbourhood to be very crowded and unhealthy. M. 58, master grocer and tea-dealer, cho. congestion of the brain, 29 Aug., 42, Old Broad-street. The wife of the deceased died last week, and the person who attended her at her death died three days after her. North West: F. 53, spinster, schoolmistress, cho. 3 days, 30 Aug., 6, St. Martin’s-court, Ludgate-hill. The deceased came from Earwig, near Bromley, Kent, on the 25th of August, to spend a few days with her friends, and was taken ill the following day. Nothing objectionable to this house, with the exception of there being no windows at the back. M. 23, assistant to the publisher of the Times newspaper, cho. 13 hours, 29 Aug., 7, Lovell’s-court, Paternoster-row.

Shoreditch.—M. 30, carman, cho. 5 days, 25 Aug., 2, Whitmore-street. This street and the adjacent neighbourhood are very badly drained. F. 65, wid. of lathrender, cho. 5 hours, not certified, 25 Aug., 4, Canning-terrace: Canning-terrace lies immediately at the back of Whitmore-street, and the houses face the Regent’s canal. The parlours or ground floors are considerably below the level or surface of the adjoining road. F. 5, da. of drover, cho. 24 hours, 27 Aug., 1, Hoxton-market. The houses are densely populated and the drainage is bad. M. 53, sorter in General Post-office, cho. 25½ hours, 28 Aug., 3, Ashford-street. This street is open but not well drained. M. 44, labourer, cho. 48 hours, 27 Aug., 4, Jane Shore-court: A filthy dirty place, inhabited by the lower order of Irish. M. 1, son of cabinet maker, cho. and effusion of the brain, 3 days. The whole of this densely-populated and most wretched locality has suffered very severely from the epidemic. The principal cause appears to be bad drainage, over-populated and poor occupants, with small houses let in tenements. F. 35, w. of bedstead maker, diarrhœa, 8 hours, 4, Pearce’s-court, Bateman’s-row. A very dirty and unhealthy court. M. 45, dustman, cho. 18 hours, 4, Alder’s-court, Curtain-road. Very badly drained and unhealthy. F. 56, wid. of cheesemonger, cho. 24 hours, 25 Aug., 20, Brownlow-road, Haggerstone. She was removed from No. 191, High-street, Shoreditch, where her husband had died only a few days before. M. 63, labourer, cho. 14 hours, 28 Aug., 6, Martha-street. Drainage very bad. This day the rain water stood in pools in the street. M. 4 weeks, son of tailor, aphta 7 days, diarrhœa 5 days, convulsions 24 hours, 26 Aug., 52, Orange-street. F. 13, da. of cabinet-maker (deceased), fever 4 days, cho. 3 days, 28 Aug., 43, Duke-street. This is nearly, if not the first case, in this part of my district, at which I have been surprised, as here is the most dense population of the most filthy of the inhabitants, being chiefly costermongers and persons of that class. F. 47, wid. of slater, cho. 8 hours, 28, Aug., 187, Bethnal-green-road. This house consists of a small shop with a room behind, in which lived five adult persons, in a filthy condition. There is neither drainage nor proper ventilation. Town: M. 40, weaver, cho. 12 hours, 25 Aug., 33, Sale-street. Bad drainage, and house crowded. M. 78, cho. 28 hours, 25 Aug., 33, Sale-street. There was one death in this house last week. F. 6, da. of weaver, cho. 9 hours, 26 Aug., 37, Anchor-street. No water laid on this house, where several families live. F. 34, w. of silver polisher, cho. 14 hours, 26 Aug., 1, Mount-street, Church-street. Drainage bad. F. 36, w. of cordwainer, cho. 19 hours, 29 Aug., 1, Albion-place, Duke-street, Turk-street; drainage very bad. M. 2, son of labourer, cho. 12 hours, 28 Aug., 5, Reform-square; drainage bad. Hackney-road: M. 4, son of porter, cho. 7 hours, 24 Aug., 2, Cross-street, Old Nichol-street. The stench from the privy of this house stated to be very offensive. The street is close crowded and without sewerage. F. 7, da. of weaver, cho. 12 hours, 26 Aug., 30, Old Nichol-street. A close, ill cleansed, crowded, and undrained street. F. 2, da. of journeyman currier, diarrhœa, 10 weeks, 25 Aug., 12, Wellington-row. An open street in an undrained neighbourhood, with an excellent sewer down it, with few communications into it. M. 21, journeyman brace-maker, cho. 5 days, 25 Aug., 3, Godfrey’s-place. A close confined court, ill drained; a cul de sac. M. 30, journeyman cordwainer, cho. 24 hours, 26 Aug., 3, Claremont cottages. A close, confined court, with a drain emitting an offensive smell. M. 1, son of journeyman paper-stainer, cho. 2 days, 25 Aug., 1, Boundary-street. A close, crowded, ill-cleansed, and partially drained street. F. 63, w. of journeyman weaver, cho. 2 days, 24 Aug., 41, New Nichol-street. A crowded, ill-cleansed, and undrained street. M. 8, son of licensed victualler, fever after cho. 8 days, 28 Aug., “Ink horns,” New Nichol-street. This public house has no drainage, but into a butt sunk into the earth. F. 63, w. of a journeyman cabinet maker, cho. 3 days, 23 Aug., 3, Collingwood-street. A close, crowded, ill-cleansed, and partially drained street. F. 2, da. of journeyman glass blower, cho. 30 hours, 25 Aug., 4, Short-street. A very close crowded and undrained street. M. 3, son of a hawker, diarrhœa, 2 hours, cho. 14½ hours, 27 Aug., 11, Sweet Apple-court. A close, crowded, ill-cleansed court; stagnant water has for months infested the gutters. Now making a new drain; a cul de sac. M. 12, son of journeyman weaver, cho. terminating in low fever, 6 days, 27 Aug., 6, Turville-street. A close, crowded, ill-cleansed, and partially drained street. F. 1, da. of journeyman turner, diarrhœa, 3 weeks, 25 Aug., 57, Old Castle-street. A close, crowded, and ill-cleansed street. No communication with sewer. F. 24, w. of journeyman baker, cho. 12 hours, 25 Aug., 4, New Turville-street. A close, crowded, and undrained street. F. 8, da. of wadding dealer, cho. 4 hours, 28 Aug., 7, Turville buildings. A wretched place; a close, confined, crowded, ill-drained court—the very type of misery. M. 29, labourer, cho. 7 hours, 29 Aug., 4, Temple-street. An open street, partially drained. F. 63, w. of journeyman trimming manufacturer, diarrhœa, 6½ days, cho. 12 hours, 26 Aug., 6, Half Nichol-street. A very close, ill-cleansed, crowded, and undrained street. F. 6, da. of journeyman turner, cho. 12 hours, 28 Aug., 1, Maidstone-place. A very close, crowded, filthy, and undrained court. F. 9, da. of labourer, cho. 10 hours, 28 Aug., 47, Wellington-row. An open street having a sewer down it, with few communications therewith. M. 58, hawker, cho. 24 hours, not certified, 14 Aug., 2, Charlotte-court. A very close, crowded, and ill-drained court. [A parish case, buried without being registered. The name and the street being furnished, I with some difficulty found the person attending the deceased, who informed me of the particulars registered]. M. 63, coachmaker, cho. 4 days, 31 Aug., 7, Nichol’s-row. A close, crowded, ill-cleansed, and undrained street.

Whitechapel.—M. 25, tailor, cho. 15 hours, 27 Aug., 13, Wilson-place, Spitalfields. Overcrowded and badly drained. F. 22, w. of labourer, cho. 28 hours, 25 Aug., 1, Hope-street. As above. M. 65, stone-cutter, cho. 20 hours, 27 Aug., 64, Wentworth-street. As above. F. 38, hawker, cho. 22 hours, 28 Aug., 8, Vine-court. As above. M. 34, glass-cutter, cho. 4 days, congestion of brain, 2 days, 30 Aug., 33, Grey Eagle-street. As above. M. 3, son of a weaver, cho. 5 days, consecutive fever, 3 days, 26 Aug., 17, Quaker-street; as above. M. 54, broom maker, cho. 21 hours, 30 Aug., 17, Wilson’s-place; as above. F. 19, w. of tailor, cho. 27 hours, 28 Aug., 14, Wilson’s-place; as above; the third death in this place this week. M. 9, son of weaver, cho. 15 hours, 28 Aug., 12, Quaker street; overcrowded and ill-drained. M. 3, son of cabinet maker, cho. 24 hours, 31 Aug., 4, Crown-court, Quaker-street; as above. F. 8, da. of calenderer, cho. 12 hours, 28 Aug., 11, Quaker-street; as above. F. 49, wid. of cabinet maker, cho. 24 hours, 27 Aug., 8, Cock-alley, Norton-Folgate; a narrow court; no water laid on to any of the houses. M. 53, labourer, diarrhœa 4 days, congestion of the brain, 2 days, 31 Aug., 3, Cock-alley, Norton-Folgate; as above. M. 6 months, son of labourer, convulsions and diarrhœa, 1 month, 27 Aug., 12, Spring-gardens, Mile-end New Town. No drainage; houses over crowded. M. 3, son of mariner, cho. 10 hours, 28 Aug., 21, Dunk-street. Street badly paved. M. 14, son of weaver, cho. 8 days, typhoid fever, 6 days, 29 Aug., 27, Pelham-street, Spitalfields. Second death in the same family since last week; the house very old, wants cleansing. F. 65, wid. of painter and glaizer, cho. 31 Aug., 5, Spital-street. Second death in same house since last week. Goodman’s-fields: F. 4 months, da. of servant, diarrhœa, 7 days, 27 Aug., 1, St. Mark’s-terrace, Tenter-ground. In this ground there are 15 dung heaps, which is a receptacle for all sorts of decayed vegetable matter and fish guts; there is no surface drainage, the water lies in stagnant pools; not over crowded nor close. F. 44, w. of porter, cho. 27 hours, 29 Aug., 17, Well’s-yard, Gower’s-walk. Over crowded, very close, and inhabited by the lower order of Irish. M. 49, gun-maker, cho. 48 hours, 29 Aug., 13, Swan-street, Mansell-street. Close and over crowded. Aldgate: M. 30, gunner and driver in the Royal Artillery, cho. 4 hours, 28 Aug., Hospital, Tower of London. Steady sober man of regular habits. M. 57, mariner, cho. 30 hours, 29 Aug., on board the Harvest Home, off Alderman-stairs. Close by this spot the first appearance of cholera was in 1832. F. 29, prostitute, cho., 30 Aug., 4, Brown Rear-alley, Upper East Smithfield. Not unfavourable to health. F. 24, prostitute, cho. 15 hours, 29 Aug., 2, Crown-court, Upper East Smithfield. Close unhealthy spot, surface drainage, flushed daily. M. 31, mariner, cho. 7 hours, 1 Sept., on board the Juno, off Carron-wharf. This case is within 100 yards from the spot where the attack was on board the Harvest Home, 4 days ago. M. 26, labourer, cho. 12 hours, 1 Sept., 1, Cow-yard, Blue Anchor-yard. Close crowded locality.

St. George in the East.—St. Paul: F. 52, w. of tide-waiter, cho. 8 hours, 21 Aug., 14, Charles-street, Back-road. From personal observation and from inquiry of the informants, I cannot find anything to be considered unfavourable to health in the case. St. Mary: F. 10 months, da. of master mariner, cho. 19 hours, 26 Aug., 9, Ship-alley, Wellclose-square. A narrow public thoroughfare, paved and drained. M. 1, son of slipper-maker, cho. 10 hours, 25 Aug., 27, Providence-street. Rather narrow street, partially paved, and imperfectly drained; the inhabitants chiefly poor persons, and over-crowded in most of the houses. M. 24, slipper-maker, cho. 10 hours, 25 Aug., 27, Providence-street. Father of the child in preceding entry. F. 26, w. of shoemaker, cho. 17 hours, 27 Aug., 27, Providence-street. This death and the 2 preceding occurred in the same house. M. 46, umbrella maker and seller, cho. 8 hours, 30 Aug., 22, Mary Ann-street. Street not unfavourable to health; deceased had for many years sold umbrellas in the public streets, and went to his accustomed standing-place at the north end of London-bridge, in his usual health, he was attacked with cholera about noon, brought home in a cab, attended by a physician within an hour afterwards, but died the same night. He attended the funeral of his brother the previous Sunday, who had died of cholera. M. 40, working sugar baker, cho. 15 hours, 31 Aug., 5, Globe-place, Ellen-street. A small enclosed court of 8 houses, no thoroughfare. F. 5, da. of coal whipper, diarrhœa 10 hours, cho. 6 hours, 31 Aug., Hilliard’s-court, or Brougham Arms-court. House and habits very dirty, live in a close and badly drained court. M. 35, labourer, cho. 40 hours, 26 August, 6, Steven’s-buildings, Ratcliff. Close, ill-cleansed, crowded, and in my judgment very unfavourable to health; in fact, about the worst part of my district. M. 43, ballast man, cho. 24 hours, 8, Stevens’s-buildings. M. 42, labourer, cho. 32 hours, 3, Three Fox-court, running into Stevens’s-buildings. Same observations apply to this place as above. F. 26, w. of journeyman shoemaker, cho. 23 hours, 19, Broad-street. An open street, close to and running parallel with the Thames, house much inhabited. F. 1 month, da. of coal porter, diarrhœa 20 days, 13, James-place. Very low, overcrowded, and unfavourable to health. F. 3, da. of ballast getter, cho. 70 hours, 5, Narrow-street. Close street, close to and running parallel with the river Thames; densely crowded, and unfavourable to health. M. 26, son of labourer, cho. 20 hours, 28 Aug., 7, Match-walk, Shadwell. Thirty persons live in this house. M. 43, labourer, cho. 10 hours, 28 Aug., 28, Spring-street, Shadwell. Cows kept in front of this house. F. 19, needlewoman, cho. 16 hours, 30 Aug., 5, Rance’s-place, Shadwell. A close confined court, having two open privies facing this house, the stench emitted therefrom is very offensive, and highly injurious to the public health. F. 40, w. of coal whipper, cho. 2 days, 30 Aug., 11, Dean-street. House clean and free from offensive smells. Bow and Bromley: M. 21, son of charwoman, diarrhœa, 12 hours, cho. 36 hours, 25 Aug., Bow-common, Bromley. Surrounded by numerous chemical manufactories, and adjoining the Bromley Canal. M. 50, labourer, cho. 28 hours, 30 Aug., 10, Tavern-court, Bromley. Ventilation bad, and from its situation may be considered very unfavourable to health. M. 30, labourer, typhus fever, 3 days, cho. 36 hours, 29 Aug., 4, Mill-street, Bromley. I cannot but again call attention to my report of the 21st July, page 5, with respect to this locality, three deaths from cholera having happened in these cottages near the river Lea. F. 6 weeks, da. of needlewoman, choleroid diarrhœa 4 days, 27 Aug., 4, Oliver-court, Bow. A very close ill ventilated court; small houses and much crowded.

St. Olaves.—M. 3, son of hide-sorter, cho. 7 hours, a most malignant form, no premonitory symptoms, 24 Aug., 4, John-street, Webb-street. M. 5, son of hide-sorter, cho. 2 days, 25 Aug., 4, John-street, Webb-street. F. 38, w. of hatter, premonitory diarrhœa 3 days, cho. 1 day, 23 Aug., 9, Webb-street. The medical attendant, Mr. Challice, of 4, Alscot-place, adds on the certificate—“The state of the drainage in this house is pestilential, and the water is in the same state.” M. 41, print-seller, cho. 12 hours, 29 Aug., 13, New-street, St. John’s. Two have died in this house of cholera, father and daughter. F. 42, single woman, dress-maker, cho. 19 hours, 29 Aug., 39, Fair-street. I have registered 15 deaths in this street during the last few weeks. F. 43, w. of sail-maker, cho. 20 hours, 30 Aug., 21, John-street. Complaints of effluvia arising from refuse of a pickling warehouse in the rear.

Bermondsey.—Leather Market: M. 3, son of journeyman leather strainer, cho. 7 hours, 27 Aug., 22 John-street. F. 32, w. of journeyman leather strainer, cho. 13 hours, 29 Aug., 22 John-street. This is a mother and her child, and there are two more of her children very ill with the same disease. F. 32, w. of journeyman carpenter, cho. 3 hours, 27 August, 8, New Weston-street. M. 33, journeyman carpenter, cho. 10 hours, 28 August, 8, New Weston street. This and the preceding were husband and wife, and very recently come from the country. M. 8 months, son of lighterman, diarrhœa from teething, 7 days, 24 Aug., 3, George-row, Bermondsey. House situate on the banks of the tidal ditch, now much more disgusting than ever. F. 58, domestic servant, cho. 4 days, 26 Aug., 1, Green-walk. This house is close to the tidal ditch. M. 10 months, son of lighterman, cho. 48 hours, 30 Aug., Jacob-street. Close to tidal ditch. M. 1, son of lighterman, cho. 9 hours, 29 Aug., 3, Jamaica-row. A cesspool on these premises has been represented to the authorities for the last 9 months as a great nuisance, but no means have been adopted to remove it. M. 35, cho., mariner, 30 Aug., 29, Cherry garden-street. Near to tidal ditch. M. 47, cook and steward, cho. 48 hours, 30 Aug., 12, Mill-street, close, ill ventilated house, overhanging the tidal ditch. M. 6 months, son of labourer, diarrhœa, convulsions, 4 days, 23 Aug. 1 day, 4, William-square. Small ill-ventilated house, close to the tidal ditch. Mr. Martin, the registrar, says, “It will be observed, that 6 of the deaths registered this week have occurred on the banks of the disgusting tidal ditch so often reported, now rendered more offensive than ever from a great length of its narrow part having been covered in; nearly all the refuse from the very poorest houses having accumulated at that part of the ditch near to the new water-pipes, and where, under the window of a typhus patient of mine, might have been seen the bodies of thirteen dead dogs and cats on one day this week, beside other offensive matter. As district surgeon, I have, with great respect, but perfect sincerity, warned the authorities of the fearful and tremendous responsibility they are incurring. F. 3, da. of painter, cho. 16 hours, 31 Aug., 7, Russell-place, Kent-street-road. The father of this child, who was the informant in this case, complained bitterly of a catgut manufactory situate in the rear of his house, the effluvium from which has often made him ill, and which he is firmly convinced has been the cause of the death of his child. The district registrar says, with reference to the various streets and dwellings in which deaths from cholera and diarrhœa have occurred this week, any observations I could make would be but a repetition of those conveyed in last week’s return; indeed, the whole of this district, with the exception of the leading thoroughfares, may be said to be densely populated, it is truly astonishing oftentimes to find the number of persons who live in the same house. Of the 14 cases which have occurred in the workhouse, only one was an inmate. Many of the other 13 were persons brought in when the disease had done its worst for them, one did not survive a quarter of an hour after admission, and some only a few hours. I have ascertained, also, that several were persons of very questionable reputation and habits, still, the sudden and great increase this week over the preceding clearly shows that those localities which have been visited by the epidemic, and where it appears partially to have subsided, are by no means to calculate on security at the present, as will be seen by the following. In the weeks ending August 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th, the numbers were 48, 28, 25, and 21. This week I have registered 33, hence the importance of increased watchfulness and increased exertions—and this applies not only to the authorities, but to tradesmen, employers of workpeople, and heads of families—who can often impart advice and instruction to their neighbours and dependants with greater effect than official communications produce, and thus, whilst the guardians of the poor and the medical officers of the various parishes are endeavouring to fulfil their duties, let those to whom I have referred strengthen their hands and aid their efforts.

Newington.—St. Mary: M. 39, painter, cho. 3 days, 26 Aug., Caroline-place. Very confined place, small tenements, and overcrowded with inmates. M. 30, commercial traveller, cho. 16 hours, 28 Aug., New-street, New Kent-road. It was stated that this individual came home in the evening, had cucumber and onion with his tea; afterwards went out and returned late much intoxicated; next morning, to slake his thirst, drank half a pint of milk, and then finding himself unwell, applied for and took a seidlitz powder at a chemist’s; the attack immediately followed. F. 39, w. of journeyman tailor, cho. 3 days, 29 Aug., 5, Guildford-street, Walworth. House crowded. Three persons have died in this house in four days, two children and the mother; and three children that remain are now in the workhouse. M. 3, son of journeyman tailor, cho. 24 hours, 27 Aug., 5, Guildford-street. M. 5 months, son of journeyman tailor, diarrhœa 14 days, 26 Aug., 8, Webb-street. The mother of this child died of cholera on the 11th Aug., at Grantham-place. F. 43, w. of shoemaker, cho. 8 hours, 24 Aug., 6, North-street. House very much crowded, and neighbourhood dirty; this and the following are mother and child; a child died in the house on the 15th August. F. 3, da. of shoemaker, cho. 12 hours, 24 Aug., 6, North-street. F. 9, da. of journeyman smith, cho. 12 hours, 25 Aug., 7, Clandon-street; house much crowded and ill-cleansed. M. 11, son of journeyman smith, cho. 12 hours, 25 Aug., 7, Clandon-street. This and the preceding case were brother and sister, and died on the 25th, and a lad lodging in the same house on the 28th August. M. 19, son of coal-porter, diarrhœa 2 days, cho. 1 day, 24 Aug., 5, Charles-street, Walworth-common. House very much crowded, street dirty, no drainage. This person was taken ill in the neighbourhood of Shoreditch, and sent home. M. 2, son of labourer (deceased), cho. 2 days, 26 Aug., 3, Red-lion-row. Father and brother of this child died last week. F. 37, w. of shoemaker, cho. 12 hours, 29 Aug., 17, Nursery-row, Lock’s-fields. A ditch that was in front of this row has lately been filled up, but no drainage provided. There are about 25 houses in the row, and slops are thrown out in front, keeping the place in a filthy state. The following two cases occurred in the workhouse, Walworth:—F. 66, wid. of Smith, cho. 17 hours, 25 Aug. This person had been nursing a woman who died in Doctor-street, Walworth, on the 21st Aug.; was taken ill on the 24th, and sent to the workhouse, where she died on the 25th. F., supposed about 5 months, unknown, found in the street some time since, and taken to the workhouse, cho. 17 hours, 26 Aug. M. 37, brushmaker, cho. 20 hours, 28 Aug., 47, George-street, Harper-street. In this house there is always a most unpleasant smell, I believe arising from a drain. During last summer this man had three out of his four children die of scarlatina; the warning was not sufficient, and now his own life has been sacrificed.

Lambeth.—M. 78, gentleman, cho. 13 hours, 26 Aug., 6, Church-terrace, Waterloo-road. This terrace faces the churchyard, which is now so often opened for funerals that effluvia must enter the surrounding houses, though they are otherwise clean and open. M. 4, son of journeyman carpenter, cho. 14 hours, 25 Aug., 9, Le Grand-place. Le Grand-place, where 4 deaths occurred, is a small place containing 12 houses, situated at the back of the Waterloo-road; one end is close to the wall of the churchyard, the other runs into a mews at the back of Stamford-street; the houses have, I believe, 2 rooms each; they are densely populated; and the entrance from the Waterloo-road is the site of nuisances which increase the pestiferous atmosphere breathed by the inhabitants. M. 20, shoemaker, natural death, cho. 11 hours, 25 July, 5, Bate’s-buildings, Broadwall.—Inquest. Bate’s-buildings is one of the narrow courts in Broadwall crossing the boundary sewer. The house No. 5 has been the scene of more than one tragedy; a brother of deceased, a youth of 12 or 14, hung himself, by accident it was presumed; a younger sister died of cho. in July; the mother was next taken ill and removed to the workhouse, where she also died of cho.; the next death was the one now registered. The father, a shoemaker, was in the hospital during the period of the illness and death of his wife and two children. M. 50, lighterman, cho. 24 hours, 27 Aug., 14, White Horse-street. There have been three deaths from cholera in this house (one not yet registered). The house is at the best end of the street, but bad is the best. M. 43, journeyman shoemaker, cho. 28 hours, 28 Aug., 4, Mitre-place, Broadwall. Several deaths from cho. in Mitre-place have been reported in previous weeks. M. 8, son of tailor, cho. 16 hours, 29 Aug., 14, Apollo-buildings. This small spot of Apollo-buildings abounds with noxious effluvia. The privies are most offensive, the water scarcely fit to drink; heaps of refuse matter constantly thrown about by the costermongers, hosts of whom reside in this locality. Pigs, horses, rabbits, and all sorts of animals are kept hereabouts. I am told the fish, vegetables, &c., in which the people deal, are at night frequently placed under the bed. There are two cats’-meat-dealers in Apollo-buildings, the stench from which is much complained of. The landlord refuses to cleanse, and tells the inhabitants if they don’t like it they can leave it. F. 38, w. of a labourer, cho., consecutive fever 7 days, 30 Aug., 12, Pleasant-place, Tyer’s-terrace. The medical officer states that there is a drain running through this house which is very offensive, and ought to be immediately attended to. M. 35, cabman, diarrhœa 1 week, cho. 12 hours, 28 Aug., 1, Providence-place, New-street. A very confined and narrow court, the entrance under a doorway of a house in New-street. Bad in all respects. Fifteen cases occurred in the workhouse, one of which was M. 6, son of law-stationer, cho. 5 or 6 days, 28 Aug., from 9, Globe-court, Regents-street. These deaths make five in the same family, the mother and four children. They were all seized in the court named, but the husband having deserted his family, they were all removed into the house, but in a hopeless condition; the court is very bad. Another death has occurred next door.

Camberwell.—M. 27, bricklayer, cho. 48 hours, 15 Acorn-street. The next house, No. 14, is where the cholera broke out on the 21st June, and many deaths took place in this street of that disease for some weeks after. The informant complains of a very offensive smell from an open ditch near the house, also from some pig-styes at the rear of the house, which have been many times complained of, but not yet removed. F. 25, spinster, cho. 50 hours, 37, Bexley-street, New Peckham. This street is, I think, the worst in all my district. The houses are of the poorest and worst kind, no drainage, and all inhabited by the poorest of the Irish labouring class. M. 40, labourer, cho. 38 hours, 28, Bexley-street. Eight cases occurred in Lovegrove-street, Old Kent-road, which consists of very poor and dirty small houses, occupied by several poor families in a filthy state, principally Irish. Numerous have been the attacks of cholera in this street, 10 of which were fatal. Five cases occurred in Albany-road, at the back of which there is a very filthy open ditch.

Greenwich.—F. 31, w. of working gardener, cho. 5 days, 28 Aug., Church-street, Deptford. M. 54, smith and bell hanger, cho. 17½ hours, 23 Aug., Church-street. In the same house as the female above mentioned; they were living together as man and wife. M. 6 mo., son of police constable, diarrhœa, 14 days, 29 Aug., 5 Church-street. F. 10, da. of coke burner, cho. 8 hours, 27 Aug., Church-street. This death occurred in a common lodging house, all the inmates of which use the Thames water as dipped from the tide mill wharf in Church-street. The house adjoining, in which the deaths from cholera have occurred, is similarly situated as regards water. M. 30, labourer on railway, cho., 1 Sept., 1, Gothic-place, Trafalgar-road. The deceased came from his work on the evening of the 31st ult., and was taken ill at supper.

Wandsworth.—Streatham: F. 14, da. of greengrocer, cho. 4 days, 24 Aug., at Wren’s house, near the Broadways, Mitcham-road, Tooting-Graveney. The house is very much out of repair; there are no drains to this and the adjoining houses, and the privies are without drains. There are also several pigs kept in the rear of the premises. M. 73, gardener, cho. 14 hours, 28 Aug., No Man’s Land, near the turnpike, Streatham-bridge. This house, with four others, is built upon a piece of waste land, and at some little distance from the neighbourhood. This case was not reported to me till the 28th.—Registrar.

The Morning Chronicle, Wednesday, September 5, 1849.