The Metropolitan Districts IV

Real life London in 1850. A journey through the back streets and into the lives of the people in early Victorian London.

Labour and the Poor Volume IV - The Metropolitan Districts eBook Cover


Labour and the Poor Volume IV: The Metropolitan Districts


Henry Mayhew


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In this concluding Metropolitan District volume, containing 26 articles or “Letters”, we hear from the carpenters, cabinet-makers, joiners, turners, and shipbuilders. On the transit of London we meet omnibus drivers and conductors, Hackney coach and cab men, and Thames watermen and lightermen. We enter the houses of dressmakers and milliners where work continues through the night. Visits to the markets of London including Covent Garden, Billingsgate, and Smithfield complete Henry Mayhew’s investigation into the Metropolitan Districts.

The investigation into the poor of England and Wales continues on outside the capital.

The Table of Contents for Volume IV is shown below but for a better appreciation of the material we suggest previewing the Print Edition Sample which includes the Table of Contents, a sample letter, and the Index.

Labour and the Poor Volume IV: The Metropolitan Districts

Table of Contents

  • List of Illustrations
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Letter LVII.
    • On the Workers in Wood and the Supply of the Material.
  • Letter LVIII.
    • Of the Labourers at the Timber Docks.
  • Letter LIX.
    • Of the London Sawyers.
  • Letter LX.
    • Of the London Carpenters and Joiners.
  • Letter LXI.
    • Of the London Carpenters and Joiners.
  • Letter LXII.
    • Of the Moulding, Planing, and Veneering Mills.
  • Letter LXIII.
    • Of the Furniture Workers.
  • Letter LXIV.
    • Of the Fancy Cabinet-Makers of London.
  • Letter LXV.
    • Of the Slop Cabinet Trade.
  • Letter LXVI.
    • Of the “Garret Masters” of the Cabinet Trade.
  • Letter LXVII.
    • Of the Turners of London.
  • Letter LXVIII.
    • Of the Ship and Boat Builders.
  • Letter LXIX.
    • Of the London Coopers.
  • Letter LXX.
    • Of the Transit of Great Britain and the Metropolis.
  • Letter LXXI.
    • Of the London Omnibus Drivers and Conductors.
  • Letter LXXII.
    • Of the London Hackney Coach and Cabmen.
  • Letter LXXIII.
    • Of the London Carmen and Porters.
  • Letter LXXIV.
    • Of the London Watermen, Lightermen, and Steam-Boatmen.
  • Letter LXXV.
    • The London Dressmakers and Milliners.
  • Letter LXXVI.
    • Of the London Dressmakers and Milliners.
  • Letter LXXVII.
    • Of the Journeymen Hatters of London.
  • Letter LXXVIII.
    • Of the London Tanners, Curriers, &c.
  • Letter LXXIX.
    • Of the “Live” Markets of London.
  • Letter LXXX.
    • Of the Meat Markets.
  • Letter LXXXI.
    • Of the “Green Markets” of London.
  • Letter LXXXII.
    • Of the Fish-Markets.
  • Henry Mayhew
  • Index   ** print editions only **

For anyone interested in family history or social history, the “Labour and the Poor” series really is an invaluable resource.